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We are happy to present you our first pair of shoes!
Our shoes are made of eco-leather, but not exactly the usual ones.

They are made from biodegradable, vegan, non-toxic and recycled fabric that looks like natural leather. This material is made from organic apples and is called Frumat. The sole of the boots is also made of biodegradable material.

*This innovative fabric, very similar to leather, is bio-based as it is made from apple fibers (obtained from organic industrial waste) then combined with polyurethane. This material is waterproof and breathable, resistant and even ethical not only because it is not of animal origin but also because it allows the exploitation of the waste from the industrial processing of apples. Specifically, peel and core are used, recovered from the industrial processing of organic apples.

Main material: eco-leather from apple fibers 
Sole: biodegradable material

Color: black


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