Who am I?

The Legend

Growing up in Kyiv, as a kid I didn't agree with the ‘system’ of which I became aware only later on. My nature was indomitable. I struggled with depression and wasn’t sure that the person I saw in the mirror was the person I dreamt to be. I thought I had to know who I am, so I went on a quest to look for that fantastic creature.

Once in New York I found Adrienne Mayor's book "The Amazons". Reading about the tribe of female warriors who lived in then Scythia and now the territory of modern Ukraine, enjoyed the subversively free-spirited lifestyle, created their own uniform of relaxed pants and tunics and gave zero fucks about what others think, I felt the power in the expression of ethos stronger than ever before. I started sketching what later became the essence of BAKHIRKA apparel the same night I opened the book.



A while after that night I went on a journey around South America. At some point, while sharing the shamanic rituals and daily routines of indigenous tribes of the Amazonian jungle, I had an eye-opening moment. I realized the more I give the more I get, and I don't really have to know who I am. I can be anything.



The experiment is ongoing and everything I do is a part of it.
Katya Bakhirka, creator of Bakhirka Universe

Ekaterina Bakhirka


Who are you?

The unlimited self. The light, the darkness, the pain, the romance, the past, the future and the now, the black and the white, all in you. I will not give you the answer. I will ask more questions. I will give you the choice. You can be yourself, or someone else.

You can change. You can search. You can move.

You can be anything. You don't have to understand the game, play it. I will give you the tools.

The Brand

Bakhirka is a quest for identity. You don't have to be defined by any one thing.

Our main objective is to design clothing and accessories that liberate, awaken and activate the body, instead of constricting it.

Clothing that frees you.


Tools, not products

We have decided not to call our clothing a product, but a Tool, that helps you express and choose your identity; or a Gear, with qualities on top of commercial commodity. 

It acts as something extra.

We want to make fashion more like an artist creates art.

"Singularly, purposefully and with a message."



 We make our collections with one goal in mind: sustainability.

That's why our production hubs are in Portugal and Ukraine and we source only organic, recycled and eco fabrics.

We aim to provide you with amazing garments, but we don't want nature to pay the cost.



Bakhirka Apparel is deeply connected with the @deepforestfoundation, a non-profit organisation founded by Katya herself and focused on providing philanthropic assistance to indigenous people, to respect and celebrate the deep and unique connection between the culture of these people and the environment in which they live.

Part of our sale revenue from the collections will be donated to DFF with the aim of strengthening their communities, preserving their traditions and protecting their native lands.



New and unique sizing, just like You

Start over.

Abandon all imposed mechanisms of the modern world and go back to your natural state.

This state is reflected on our sizing mechanism. Moving away from a stigma driven metric system, we only use odd numbers.

0 / 1 / 3 / 5 / 7



Because no matter your size, we are all ODD.

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